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Photo Battle for SE4

Version of the product:4.0.1 for Members $ 39.00

Compatible with SE v.4.0.0-4.8.x

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With a help of SocialEngine plugin Photo Battle your users will be able to challenge each other on a photo battle. The other members of the community will be able to vote for photo owner desired. To make it really attractive and magnetic the module adds several significant blocks on home page, as to 'The most voted photo battle', 'Top winners', 'Top commented battles', 'Top viewed battles'. It will inform your users about all new battles and the best battlers on the web site. User can simply call down anyone by clicking 'Challenge' link under the photo owner. It can also be done from profile page, just click 'Challenge' button in Actions block. Challenge form consists of 2 main sections: Image chooser and Settings.

  • Image Chooser allows you to choose the image previously uploaded in the 'Photo Battle' category or you may upload a new one directly on challenge page.
  • On settings section you may add a title for your photo and indicate some other settings for the battle.

When the battle was created/accepted/declined an interested member of the battle would be notified via email. Admin can edit email templates to create messages via admin panel->settings->email templates. My profile photo battles pages allow you to view your active and previous battles. On my photo battles page you may see also your pending battles and battle requests as well.

  • Pending battles is a list of battles where you called down somebody and wait for the response.
  • Battle requests are a list of battles where you were called down by someone else and you need either accept or cancel the battle indicated.

On battle view page you may see the battle's images with a short info about battlers and also there is a comment section where all members can leave their opinions and comments. In the battler info you may see 'Score' which displays battler wins and defeats and you will be also informed about the duration of battle, number of comments, views and the exact date of the battle end.

Foster members’ activity on your website and engage into your community!


For SocialEngine v.4.x:

     Front end demo here

     Back end demo here (Use the following login: The password: 111111)

Photo Battle
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