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Advanced Mail for SE4

Version of the product:4.1.1 for Members $ 49.00

Compatible with SE v.4.0.0-4.8.x

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Reviews About the Product

Do you care about your site convenience for the user? If you do, then this SocialEngine plugin is definitely for you! It is developed due to numerous requests from our customers.


The Advanced Mail plugin replaces standard functionality of the email system which is implemented in SocialEngine. It provides an interface which is much more comfortable and whose outlook is well known to the user and is widely used in e-mail programs (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).


The plugin has been developed using AJAX technology, which is very convenient. The user does not need to constantly switch between the message list and messages, because all the necessary information is located within one window.


There are many new features for the user, such as moving messages to an archive, the ability to save an unfinished message in the Drafts section, set up a filter to provide protection against spam (messages will be automatically moved to the Spam section), the ability to search for required messages.


Your members will appreciate the facilities of this plugin.


The Mail Monitor plugin will be a great addition to this plugin.


Key features:

  • Convenient style mail system with folder structure and many different functions, such as Compose, Reply, Delete, Archive messages, etc.
  • Spam Settings
  • Adding Links/Photos/Misic/Videos to a message



  • Plugin enabling/disabling
  • Using nickname instead of FirstName LastName format
  • Viewing of Advanced Mail permissions for different Member Levels



For SocialEngine v.4.x:

     Front end demo here (you need to log in)

     Back end demo here (Use the following login: The password: 111111)

Advanced Mail
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Does this plugin allow me to make attachments?

Yes, you can attach photos, music, videos if you have installed Albums, Video or Music plugins.


Does this plugin supports POP3 email accounts?

No, it doesn’t. This plugin only supports internal mail messages.


Is it difficult to install your plugin?

No, it isn’t. Each plugin contains an installation manual. If you have any questions concerning the installation procedure, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.


Can I order plugin customization for my needs?

Sure. Please contact us with your query at and we will provide our quota.


Video tutorial for the Advanced Mail plugin: