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Uservoice Feedback for SE4

Version of the product:4.0.0 for Public Free

Compatible with SE v.4.0.0-4.8.x

Informer Feedback for SE4

Version of the product:4.0.0 for Public Free

Compatible with SE v.4.0.0-4.8.x

Reformal Feedback for SE4

Version of the product:4.0.0 for Public Free

Compatible with SE v.4.0.0-4.8.x

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Reviews About the Product

It's a free of charge collection of three SocialEngine plugins which provide three different integration services for feedback feature of your site.


It's a platform for accumulation your visitors' ideas and recommendations together on your website.


Each of these plugins has a powerful set of feedback management tools.


More information about Uservoice Feedback can be found at UserVoice provides both paid and free plans.


Informer Feedback is a free service:


Reformal Feedback is an analog of Informer Feedback service which is adapted for the Russian-speaking audience:


You can download any of the plugins FREE!


Key features (Uservoice Feedback):

  • Feedbacks posting
  • Top eight ideas in a pop-up window
  • All incoming ideas on a separate page with Hot ideas/Top/New filter
  • Vote button for each idea


Administration (Uservoice Feedback):

  • Enable/Disable Feedback Tab
  • Host and Forum Settings
  • Visual options: Alignment, Background Color, Hover Color, Text Color, Language
  • Settings preset feature for Flash Effect (like Count, Height, Rotate Speed, Minimum and Maximum Font Sizes, Background Color, etc)
  • Possibility to use Embed Code instead of visual options


Key features (Informer Feedback):

  • View the list of ideas/problems/questions/testimonials/all categories in a pop-up window
  • Vote/Cancel Vote in a popup window
  • Add an idea/problem/question/testimonial to a pop-up window
  • View topic content with voting and comment filed on a separate page


Administration (Informer Feedback):

  • Key Options
  • Bookmark Options, such as Alignment, Type of bookmark, Background Color, Display options, etc.
  • Project title options
  • Main text options
  • Size options (width or height)
  • Ability to use Embed Code instead of configured parameters



For SocialEngine v.4.x:

     Front end demo here

     Back end demo here and here (Use the following login: The password: 111111)

Advanced Feedback
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Where are my feedbacks saved?

Your feedbacks are saved on 3rd party websites, such as or


Is it difficult to install your plugin?

No, it isn’t. Each plugin contains an installation manual. If you have any questions concerning the installation procedure, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.


Can I order plugin customization for my needs?

Sure. Please contact us with your query at and we will provide our quota.