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Advanced ADS for SE4

Version of the product:4.0.4 for Members $ 39.00

Compatible with SE v.4.0.0-4.8.x

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Reviews About the Product

The Advanced ADS plugin allows users to create various advertising campaigns for business and website promotion and monitor their efficiency through multiple indicators including Number of Views, Number of Clicks and CTR.


If you want to make your site profitable and earn money via your social network, this plugin is definitely what you need! It will rapidly return you expenses on the purchase!


Website administrators will be able to create flexible tariff plans which then can be chosen by users.


Key features:

  • Various advertising tariff plans created by the administrator
  • Advertisement creation with URL, Title, Body parameters and image attaching function
  • Using 2Checkout and PayPal as payment systems
  • Campaign and advertisement management by both user and administrator
  • Tracking campaigns and advertisements through reports



  • User tariff plan management (creation/editing/deletion) with various options including pricing models, clicks limit, targeting and auto-approval
  • Advertisement block management (creation/editing/deletion) with various options including block position, order and advertisements limit
  • Advertisement viewing and sorting by using various filter options
  • Changing status, payment status and start date of advertisements
  • Advertisement approval/disapproval, making featured/sponsored
  • Assigning advertisement parameters such as ad width, image width and height in pixels; advertisement title and body length, default number of ads per block, ‘create an ad’ link visibility, payment currency and payment status for ad activation
  • Assigning different sets of permissions for members of various levels to view, create, edit, delete advertisement details
  • Profile fields selection for targeting options
  • Report generation with different filter options
  • Viewing of all transactions made by your site members in their payment for advertisement campaign
  • Help page creation for website users



For SocialEngine v.4.x:

     Front end demo here (Use the following login: The password: 111111)

     Back end demo here (Use the following login: The password: 111111)

Advanced ADS
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Is it difficult to install your plugin?

No, it isn’t. Each plugin contains an installation manual. If you have any questions concerning the installation procedure, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.


Can I order plugin customization for my needs?

Sure. Please contact us with your query at and we will provide our quota.


Video tutorial for the Advanced ADS plugin: